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Some years ago, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Beauty Influencer AsiaTh3Mua found herself weary of the endless & increasingly expensive obligation that is salon based acrylic nails.  After exhausting all the options she could find at her local retailers, she still desired more exciting and trendy options. Thus #NailedByAsia was born. Offering trendy, luxurious nail styles in wide variety of colors, shapes, and lengths, this online store aims to remain synonymous with quality & affordable luxury.  Handcrafted with the highest quality gel materials, Nailedbyasia Luxury Custom Presson Nails not only provides top notch products, but longevity & durability that can last for weeks!
Check out the latest designs & start normalizing luxury in your life today!

Congratulations on normalizing luxury in your life...

Instant, Durable, REAL nail glam for any occasion!

Skip the salon visits ENTIRELY!
Make your selfie photos & product display shots pop!
Check out some of our favorite Influencers!

Client Reviews

J. Blackmon
"People don't believe I'm wearing pressons!
So talented & great customer service!"

D. Rivera
"Best customer service ever! Beautiful, sturdy, reusable nails!"

S. Moore
"My favorite nails EVER! I've been able to reuse my sets & always get so many compliments!"


Thanks for your interest in #NailedByAsia Luxury Press On Nails.  Lets chat about your next set! We look forward to hearing from you.

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